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Joining Town Center Fitness

Click here to be redirected to our membership portal where you will be prompted to select your membership type and purchase your plan.

The blue mat in the middle of our facility is the first clue that TC Fitness is not just a gym. We are a transformation center focused on giving our members the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives. 
Utilize cutting-edge fitness technology, including Styku 3D Body Scanning and MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring, to analyze the whole body effectively, measure and visualize progress, and build custom fitness experiences for our members.
We offer a range of programs and group fitness opportunities led by our certified JointStrong® trainers. Class options include Les Mills, Zumba, Yoga, Spin, and our all-new JointStrong® BlueZone Performance Class.
A service you will not find at another Fitness Center. Our clinical partner, Center for Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy (COSPT), supports you in preventing orthopedic symptoms and provide best-practice fitness techniques to reach your fitness and health goals.
We understand how hard it is to find time for the gym, and we want to make Town Center Fitness the easy decision you make every day! This is why we keep our doors open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Offering the latest fitness trends/strategies and best fitness practices based on current evidence-based science to safely and effectively strengthen, tone, and screen for potential orthopedic risks throughout your gym experience. 
Let us have fun with the kids while you focus on the hard stuff! We offer complimentary childcare as an added benefit of all BlueZone, Transformation, and Group Fitness Membership types. 



Group Fitness Special

Try it now for FREE! We are the only fitness center in the Big Bend to offer Les Mills, and we want you to experience the added health and social benefits of engaging in a group fitness environment by offering you three free sessions with us!

No membership is required to participate in the trial offer.

(Offer valid thru 01/31/2023)

3D Body Scanning

Start working out smarter in 2024 and experience the difference with TC Fitness! Call now to schedule your comprehensive Styku 3D Body Scan, JointStrong® Fitness and Joint Assessment, and  1-on-1 Overview of Results with a member of our training staff.

3D Scan, Assessment, and Review are complimentary services for a limited time only with any new or existing membership!

(Offer valid thru 01/31/2024)

Annual Gift Membership

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life or even the whole family? Give the gift of health and wellness with a "Pay in Full" Membership to TC Fitness.

Take advantage of this limited-time special now to avoid paying the Enrollment Fee and any Annual Enhancement Fees.

(Offer valid thru 01/31/2023)

Step into the BlueZone

Have you heard of the BlueZone by JointStrong®? Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, strengthen your core, or boost energy, the all-new BlueZone classes at TC Fitness will help you reach and maintain your fitness goals!

Sign up now to receive your first week of classes free of charge!

(Offer valid thru 01/31/2023)


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